4-axle low-loader semitrailer with offset platform - reinforced - extendible

  • Drop deck with pull-out central frame, incremental adjustment with pneumatic locking
  • Offset platform raised at the front incl. plug-in side walls
  • Drop-deck loading platform with softwood floor and tubular posts in external frame
  • Pull-out extensions, incl. extension planks for transporting wide loads
  • Recessed foldable lashing rings on drop deck, and lashing points on external frame
  • Third and fourth axles are steered trailing axles for improved cornering and lower tyre wear
  • Pull-out/removable warning signs front and rear, incl. position and marker lights for wide loads
  • Installation of axles from well-known manufacturers such as SAF or BPW
  • OPTIONAL: Ramps with hydraulic lateral movement, operated on semitrailer
  • OPTIONAL: Wheel recesses for transporting special vehicles
  • OPTIONAL: 2-part loading ramps with motor-hydraulic ramp actuators
  • OPTIONAL: Toolbox on offset platform



Fifth-wheel load: 18,000 kg
Axle load: 40,000 kg
Total trailer weight/max. payload: 58,000 kg


Welded steel construction with tapered frame offset at front
and drive-on taper at rear

Drop deck with central frame extendible by approx. 2,000 mm,
pneum. lockable at following intervals:
1st position at 600 mm
2nd position at 1,200 mm
3rd position at 1,700 mm
4th position at 2,000 mm
With operation on trailer (without intermediate support)

Replaceable 2" kingpin

2 folding supports at end of frame
5 pairs of mounting pockets on drop deck incl. tubular posts 100 x 50 x 5 mm,
useful height approx. 1,000 mm, hot-dip galvanised

8 recessed lashing rings (6 on drop deck and 2 in front taper)

5 pairs of lashing points on external frame

Rear recess for excavator dipper stick
(length: approx. 2,600 mm, depth: 250 mm, width: 680 mm)


Air suspension with lifting and lowering device, for loading and unloading

Air-sprung low-loader unit with low-maintenance axles.
4 x 10 t at 80 km/h, wheelbase 3 x 1,310 mm.
S-cam brake 300/200 mm, autom. brake linkage adjuster.
1st and 2nd axles rigid,
3rd and 4th axles with steering knuckle = friction-steered trailing axle
(20° steering angle) incl. electropneum. reverse gear interlock with switch operation
in cab and additional operation on semitrailer.

16 x 235/75 R 17.5 141J, manufacturer as per factory specifications
16 steel wheel rims 6.75 x 17.5, 10-hole, with rim offset, silver ex-works


Mechan. 24 t support jacks with single-sided operation, low-maintenance


Two-line brake, configured for 40 t axle load
EBS-E - electronic brake system (Wabco 4S3M = 1st + 3rd axles sensed)
Spring-loaded parking brake on 1st + 2nd axle
Steel air tank


Softwood floor 50 mm, waterproofed, protruding beyond external frame profiles by approx.
5 mm at offset platform and 15 mm on drop deck, steel stud plate cover
over rear wheels


Pull-out extensions, on both sides of drop deck and rear
taper incl. continuous wooden boarding,
extending parts hot-dip galvanised,
2 removable warning signs at both front (offset) and rear


2 foldable, 2-part loading ramps in special design with rope extension,
width: 700 mm, length: approx. 2,600 + 1,500 mm,
with hardwood flooring, for road finisher transport, approx. 10° incline,
bracket on left ramp for revolving beacon, incl. light

Ramp width adjustable (with rod),
lockable in driving position using chains with turnbuckle

Motor and manually operated hydr. ramp actuators via provided truck connection
(for 2-pipe truck connection with plug-in coupling NW13, pressure on right in direction of travel, return on left), approx. 1 0 ° incline, with additional hand pump


Fully compliant with motor vehicle regulations - 24 V
2 five-chamber tail lights
2 clearance lamps at front
2 clearance/contour lights, extendible to 3,000 mm (1 at offset and 1 at rear)
1 x 2-pin socket at rear with revolving beacon and connecting cable
for aforementioned light bracket
Side marker lights
2 x 7-pin sockets at front


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted
2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles (standard RAL colour)


Rear markings as per ECE standards


4 wheel chocks as per regulations (§70)
Splashguards with spray protection
Spare wheel well for 1 spare wheel
Side impact protection


Plug-in tailboards on offset platform, 400 mm high,
steel front wall
25 mm aluminium hollow profile walls at sides and rear,
plug-in rear corner posts in tailboard height


Approx. 3,500/2,550 mm or approx. 2,480 mm between side walls = front offset platform
Approx. 7,800/2,550 mm = drop-deck platform - flat load surface
Approx. 1,000/2,550 mm = rear access slope
Total width: approx. 2,550 mm or approx. 3,000 mm with extension
Loading height, laden: approx. 910 mm

Loading ramps with hardwood flooring and welded square ribs
Third and fourth axles are steered trailing axles for improved cornering and lower tyre wear
4-axle low loader semitrailer - reinforced - extendible
Pull-out extensions incl. extension planks for transporting wide loads
Pull-out central frame, incremental adjustment with pneumatic locking
Recessed, folding, floor-mounted lashing eyes in the drop-deck section and lashing points in the external frame
Offset platform raised at the front, incl. plug-in side walls
OPTIONAL: Wheel recesses for transporting special vehicles

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