Official calibration in Schwarzmüller workshops/testing rooms

Tanker vehicles can be checked directly at the company's service locations, as Schwarzmüller operates officially recognised calibration facilities.

This service is offered at six locations throughout Austria. Customers have the benefit of being able to have calibration procedures carried out together with other maintenance and repair works in a single process. For the Schwarzmüller group, official calibration is a customer service that we are happy to provide throughout the life cycle of our tanker vehicles.


From April to September, calibration services are available at a reduced rate.

Our calibration facilities in Austria

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Freinberg
Hanzing 11, 4785 Freinberg
Roland Gnida Tel.: +43 7713 800-433

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Wels
Linzer Straße 258, 4600 Wels
Helmut Köberl Tel.: +43 7242 47331-526

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Wien
Richard-Strauss-Straße 30, 1230 Wien
Petra Lindner Tel.: +43 1 6164570-2303

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Lieboch
Hans-Thalhammer-Straße 11, 8501 Lieboch
Sanel Masic: +43 3136 61056-2451

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Kramsach
Amerling 110, 6233 Kramsach
Heimo Rieder: +43 5337 63114-585

Schwarzmüller GmbH, Mäder
Industriestraße 11, 6841 Mäder
Jürgen Fechtig: +43 5523 62105-2507

Your request for calibration:

Eichstellen Kontaktformular

Eichstellen Kontaktformular (en)

The Schwarzmüller company calibration facility was accredited as calibration facility no. 561 on 11 May 2006, in accordance with decree BMWA-96.109/0165-I/11/2006 (see accreditation certificate) by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour. Following the changes to the Austrian Weight and Measures Act, it was authorised by the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying to operate as calibration point 561 on 23 December 2011 (see authorisation certificate).

Our accreditation - now authorisation - comprises the calibration of measuring equipment for liquids in tanker vehicles and dipstick vehicles in Austria, including water, mineral oils and equivalent liquids, AdBlue and liquid gas(see scope of authorisation).

At our site in Wels, we also have the option of performing calibration services for tanker vehicles for AdBlue, lubricating oils and LPG using a gravimetric method (scales) (see testing matrix).

In addition, a second testing room in Hanzing was added to the calibration facility on 19 March 2018.


Urkunde Akkreditierung

(Accreditation certificate)

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Bestätigungsurkunde Ermächtigung

(Authorisation confirmation certificate)

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(Scope of authorisation)

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Other Schwarzmüller calibration facilities in accordance with national guidelines

Czech Republic:

Schwarzmüller s.r.o.
Za Dálnicí 508, 26753 Žebrák
Petr Svejkovský Tel.: +420 311 908 152

Rozhodnutí o autorizaci


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Osvědčení způsobilosti

(Certificate of competence)

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Schwarzmüller Kft.
2330 Dunaharaszti, Jedlik Ányos u. 43.
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