Schwarzmüller telematics are setting new standards. From now on, all vehicles will be equipped with our new SWIT system before delivery. Your vehicle will be able to do even more because it is intelligently networked. SWIT is the key to optimising:

  • Route planning and vehicle use
  • Road safety and maintenance planning
  • Driving style and fuel consumption
  • Load safety

SWIT will help you to improve the efficiency, flexibility and economic success of your fleet!

The next step towards
better performance.

The software processes vehicle data and transfers it to the SWIT portal in real time. This data is then used to create comprehensive reports for the entire fleet, allowing you to maintain an overview at all times and obtain new insights into your vehicles.



per month

Location tracking

Route monitoring

Fleet management

EBS notification



per month

All the functions
from LOCAL

EBS fault codes

ABS/RSS interventions

Brake pad wear



per month

All the functions from 

Tyre pressure monitoring system

*The package prices for LOCAL TRAC, GLOBAL TRAC and UNIVERSAL TRAC do not include VAT and are valid per vehicle. Mistakes, misprint and price changes reserved.

SWIT works

Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics SWIT is easy to use:
Once activated, the data box (sensor unit and SIM card) starts to transfer information. The data received is displayed in your SWIT portal.

What types of vehicles can SWIT be used with?

Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics SWIT is available for use with six different vehicle groups, from platform vehicles, to tippers, low-loaders and timber vehicles.

Platform vehicles

Tipper vehicles

Walking-floor vehicles

Timber/stanchion vehicles

 Low-loader vehicles

Container transport vehicles

Who is travelling when and where?
Keep an eye on your fleet at all times!

The intelligent overview.

Standardised and individual reports provide information about individual vehicles or your entire fleet for a defined period. You can then use this information to optimise your fleet! 

Fleet overview

  • Quick fleet overview 
  • Vehicle search 
  • Detailed view for each vehicle

Map view

  • Geo-fence and route view 
  • Filter view of vehicle status or groups
  • Detailed view for each vehicle


  • Route monitoring
  • Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring 
  • Monitoring of brake pad wear


  • Can be created in the form of a circle or a polygon 
  • Different icons and colours available 
  • Categories can be configured

Vehicle analysis

  • Idle and travelling time analysis 
  • Ignition state 
  • Loading state

Report generator

  • Geo-fence report – geographic data evaluation 
  • EBS report – detailed data overview 
  • Usage capacity overview

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Do you already
have an account?

If you already have a SWIT account, 
you can access the web portal directly via the following link and then log in.