2-axle sliding tarpaulin platform semitrailer

  • Pull-out, 6,000 mm lightweight frame for transporting long materials up to 22 m
  • Torsionally rigid, pull-out welded steel frame structure with 7-point pneum. locking on semitrailer
  • Rear pull-out frame, 1,500 mm, in form of light carrier with limited load bearing capacity
  • 3rd axle in form of steering knuckle/friction-steered trailing axle incl. reverse gear interlock
  • Installation of axles from well-known manufacturers such as SAF or BPW
  • OPTIONAL: Perforated external frame with approx. 100 mm hole spacing, 50/30 mm slot, for securing 2 t per lashing point
  • OPTIONAL: Rear pull-out frame, 2,500 mm, load capacity up to approx. 2 t
  • OPTIONAL: RULASI = post-based load securing system with various rack positions
  • OPTIONAL: Hydraulic forced steering = steering knuckle trailing axles, via fifth-wheel coupling with steering wedge and ball bearing turntable
  • OPTIONAL: Steel plate squared timber box for 20 lengths of 80 x 80 mm squared timber, with access cover on both sides



Gross train weight (perm.): 40 t
Gross weight (techn.): 39 t
Axle assembly load (techn.): 27 t
Fifth-wheel load (techn.): 12 t
Tare weight: approx. 7.8 t


Internal platform length: approx. 13,620 mm
Internal platform width: approx. 2,480 mm
(platform length, front: approx. 4,220 mm, rear: approx. 9,400 mm)
Total width: 2,550 mm
Load space internal height: approx. 2,560 mm
Lateral loading height: approx. 2,500 mm
Rear loading height: approx. 2,560 mm
Loading height: approx. 200 mm over fifth-wheel height


Lightweight welded steel frame construction -
extendible up to 6,000 mm at spacing of
approx. 1,100/2,100/2,600/3,600/4,000/5,000 and 6,000 mm
Pneum. locking with operation on trailer - without intermediate support
Rearward extending frame = non-load-bearing light carriers,
extendible up to 1,500 mm, lockable every 500 mm
Frame for unladen fifth-wheel height of 1,150-1,250 mm with air-sprung STT (note total height)
Replaceable 2" kingpin (EC installation dimension, width across corners: 2,040 mm)
23 pairs of recessed 2.5 t lashing points according to UVV


Air suspension with lifting and lowering device (approx. +120/-80 mm)
Automatic adjustment of driving level from 15 km/h

air suspension unit with low-maintenance 430 mm disc brake axles, 3 x 9 t, wheelbase 1,310 + 1,410 mm
1st and 2nd axles rigid
3rd axle in form of steering knuckle/friction-steered trailing axle (12° steering angle) incl. electropneum. reverse gear interlock with autom. activation via reverse gear, also with switch activation in cab and operation on trailer

Tyres :
6 x 385/65 R 22.5 160J, manufacturer as per factory specifications
6 steel wheel rims 11.75 x 22.5, 10-hole, 120 mm rim offset, silver


Mechan. 2 x 12 t support jacks, single-sided operation and thrust compensation, manufacturer as per factory specifications


Brake system according to EC Directive 71/320 or E CE R13
Two-line brake
EBS - electronic brake system
Wabco 2S2M = one axle sensed
RSS - stability program
Spring-loaded parking brake
Steel air tank


Spruce softwood floor, 30 mm, lengthwise with aluminium omega profiles
Secondary floor made from resin-coated birch plywood, 9 mm, flush with external frame


Fixed aluminium hollow profile front wall, 1,700 mm, with 2 centre supports,
2 lashing rings inside for load securing
Front wall reinforced inside with galvanised steel plate, approx. 650 mm high

4-part aluminium hollow profile side walls, 800/25 mm (1-part at front, 3-part at rear), with rubber seal and bracket recess for tarpaulin overhang (360 mm), customs-compliant with tarpaulin brackets, foldable with latch-type tension locks 681-S1
Foldable aluminium hollow profile rear wall, 800 mm high, with rubber seal and bracket recess, customs-compliant with tarpaulin brackets, with latch-type tension locks 681-S1
2 folding steps


2 front corner posts, bolted, protruding from sides, 2,000 mm high
8 foldable centre posts, split
2 rear corner posts, bolted to sides, 2,000 mm high
4 rows of softwood slot-in slats, 100/27 mm, in pockets, 200 mm spacing
1 slat at front

Edscha sliding tarpaulin frame, forward-sliding = pushed together
in loading area, design height 95 mm
Edscha control rod, adjustable (bracket on interior side protection)

Customs tarpaulin made from high-strength Trevira fabric with translucent roof, incl. tarpaulin rope and assembly,
tarpaulin manufacturer as per factory specifications, tarpaulin colour according to availability


24 V lighting system according to EC Directive 76/756/E WG
2 seven-chamber tail lights in underride protection
2 three-chamber tail lights in pull-out frame
LED side marker lights
2 clearance lamps
2 contour lights on underride protection
2 x 7-pin and 1 x 15-pin sockets


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted 2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles (standard RAL or truck colour)

Plastic and hot-dip galvanised parts unpainted,
powder-coated attachments/installation parts black

Reflective contour marking strips across entire length of sides and all-round contour marking at rear (white on sides and red at rear by default), according to ECE 48


Rear markings as per ECE standards (horizontal on rear doors/rear wall)


Rear crash guard
Side wall stop buffer
4 wheel chocks
Single wheel plastic mudguards with spray protection as per regulations
Aluminium underride protection, coated white
Side impact protection made from aluminium profiles as per regulations, coated black
1 spare wheel bracket for 1 spare wheel
1 plastic toolbox, lockable, unpainted

3-axle platform semitrailer - extendible
Torsionally rigid, pull-out welded steel frame design, with 7-step pneumatic locking
Extendible lightweight frame with an extension length of 6 m for long materials transport up to 22 m
OPTIONAL: Perforated external frame with approx. 100 mm hole spacing, 50/30 mm slot, for securing 2 t per lashing point
OPTIONAL: Schwarzmüller post-based load securing system with various rack positions

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