Past releases, events and media of the Schwarzmüller Group




All vehicles supplied with on-board telematics

Freinberg, 25 November 2020| Media
  • Launches as early as 2021
  • Three packages to accommodate every application
  • CEO Hartwig reckons with rapid market penetration
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When it should be something very special again...

Freinberg, October 2020| Media

Image video of Schwarzmüller

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    All New Schwarzmüller Series of Long Haul Transport Vehicles

    Freinberg, 10 September 2020| Media
    • Five types of vehicles in modular POWER LINE
    • New claim to fame: Less weight, more power
    • Focus on CO2 reduction and higher productivity
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    June brought the first signs of recovery

    Freinberg, 23 July 2020| Media
    • Up to 60% decline in orders at the height of the crisis
    • Turnover at the previous year’s level possible due to additional purchases
    • CO2 reduction…
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