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The Schwarzmüller Group will present itself at the bauma 2022, scheduled to take place in Munich from 24 until 30 October, with a new hybrid tipper, a new telescopic trailer for the transportation of construction materials, a low loader with an extra-wide load carrier, the first-ever off-road tipper, developed by Schwarzmüller directly, and a multi-carrier from Schwarzmüller subsidiary Hüffermann. “We continue to occupy our niches on a European level and have once again made significant additions to our range of vehicles for the construction and infrastructure sector”, said Roland Hartwig, CEO of Schwarzmüller, on Wednesday, 29 June, at the company headquarters in Hanzing, Freinberg bei Schärding (Upper Austria), summing up the highlights of Schwarzmüller’s presence at the upcoming bauma. Vehicles for the construction and infrastructure sector are already the biggest sales segment for the Schwarzmüller Group, partly due to the acquisition of Hüffermann Transportsystem, the German specialist for container transport systems, in 2020. 
With more than 100 different vehicle types, this segment is now dominant in the portfolio of the Austrian premium manufacturer, not only in terms of sales, but also when it comes to possible applications. “We supply trailers that are adapted to our customers’ individual operating conditions. This means that in day-to-day operations, their performance level is higher than that of standard vehicles.” As part of its added-value tools, Schwarzmüller also offers a telematics system that is integrated in all supplied vehicles. “We see telematics for trailer units as a driving force for more efficiency in vehicle utilisation. The possibilities range from predictive maintenance to planning or theft protection”, the CEO added. 

On the Freigelände Nord, stand 928/1, five vehicles from the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann group brands will be presented:

1. Hybrid segment tipper with SSC cover

2. Low loader with extra-wide load carrier 
3. Telescopic trailer for the transport of construction materials 
4. TP 22 off-road tipper

5. Hüffermann multi-carrier 


1. New hybrid segment tipper with SSC cover: (new) 
The new hybrid tipper combines aluminium from lightweight construction with plastic wear protection: This aluminium tipper with a wall thickness of 5mm comes with a 5mm anti-stick lining. With a tare weight of 5.36 tonnes, the dump tipper with its torsionally rigid steel frame in lightweight construction mode offers maximum robustness. A torsion box and torsion shafts, integrated horizontally into the frame, as well as the press-tipping mechanism, supported at four points, improve the tipping stability of the steel segment tipper and thus also facilitate safe handling. An automated lowering device provides more stability during the tipping process, and a speed-dependent starting aid improves traction on difficult terrain. The new Schwarzmüller side cover (SSC) opens and closes at the front, the back and the sides with hydraulic motors in the top belt, making loading much easier. When closed, the cover secures the load as well as reducing air resistance. The tipper is ideal for sand, crushed stone, excavated earth and similar materials. 


2. Low loader: Extra-wide load carrier 
The most important criteria for a low loader used for the transportation of construction machines are a robust frame construction and a low loading height. This four-axle low loader with an excavator shovel recess and roller stop has a loading height of approx. 0.87 metres. 2 sets of wheel recesses reduce the loading height by another 0.4 metres.
This way, wheel loaders with a height of up to 3.53 metres may also be transported without a special permit. Numerous lashing rings and lashing points on the external frame provide perfect load security. An excavator bucket recess at the rear of the vehicle provides additional safety when putting down the excavator shovel. Customers may choose between one- and two-part ramps to ensure the ideal ramp angle for their construction vehicle. Hydraulically operated ramps make loading and unloading operations easier. Schwarzmüller also sets new standards when it comes to corrosion protection: The drawbar, bogie and ramp are hot-dip galvanised. 


3. Telescopic trailer for the transport of construction materials (new) 
The new telescopic trailer with a 4-metre extendable ladder frame and friction-controlled trailing axle offers many options for the safe transportation of construction materials. For instance, the reinforced external frame comes with 23 sets of 4-tonne lashing points and an additional 12 sets of 5-tonne lashing rings. In addition, the vehicle has 9 sets of connector boxes for standard tubes in the external frame and 3 sets of crossbar connectors for standard tubes, ensuring outstanding load safety. 
6 sets of twist-locks also make it possible to transport 1 x 20“, 2 x 20“, 1 x 30“ and 1 x 40“ containers. An extendable light carrier system at the rear secures protruding loads at the rear. The telescopic frame also makes it possible to transport extra-long loads that cannot be divided. A large steel plate box with access covers at both sides was designed for storing square timber used as support, and a stainless steel tool box accommodates accessories such as tense belts or corner protectors. Electrical equipment, fully designed as LED, and a zinc-sprayed primer coat increase the lifespan of this vehicles. 


4. TP22 off-road trough tipping trailer: The pro among tippers 
This central-axle tipping trailer was designed especially for off-road use and is usually pulled by a tractor. The standard tipper comes with a swivel axle unit and extra-wide wheels that offer a significant advantage in off-road use. 
The TP22 off-road trough tipping trailer holds its own even on difficult terrain. It owes its stability to a 30-tonne pendulum bogie that compensates for any obstacle, and the specially designed frame that makes total widths of just under 2.55 metres possible, with a tyre width of 650 centimetres. The TP22 has a load capacity of 13.5 cubic metres and is extremely versatile due to its characteristics and low tare weight, thereby ensuring a high resale value. 
The standard design with its hydraulically sprung drawbar absorbs impacts and eliminates negative driving characteristics. The 4-tonne ball-joint coupling exerts considerable pressure on the trailer coupling of the tractor. All connecting lines and lights (all LED) are protected. This, in addition to the fully automated brakes that work via a hydraulic brake regulator, provide additional safety both on construction sites and on the road. The outward-facing special rear wall was designed for a very high opening and may be opened and closed hydraulically. The trough tipper is made from high-strength steel plates in tried-and-tested Schwarzmüller quality. 


5. Hüffermann multi-carrier: Unrivalled versatility! 
As the name suggests, the Hüffermann multi-carrier is a real all-rounder. The combination of low loader and vehicle for swap bodies meets almost any challenge of safe charge transport heads-on. It handles chain excavators, wheel excavators, wheel loaders, skip containers, roller containers as well as ISO containers, 
thereby solving almost any transportation challenge on construction sites and on the road. There are numerous equipment options that improve the product further.
 The high-strength chassis made from fine-grain special steel has been specially adapted to the requirements of various construction containers and machines. Automated pneumatic locking mechanisms secure the containers while lashing facilities on the external frame guarantee optimised securing of construction machines or combined loads. At the rear, there is a protected stowage compartment for the aluminium ramps. The “Park Safety Fix” package comprises autonomous lighting when the vehicles is parked in an area with limited visibility. 


About the Schwarzmüller Group
The Schwarzmüller Group is Europe’s most prominent niche supplier in the field of trailers and superstructures. The company manufactures over 150 types of vehicles and claims to ensure added value for its customers by using these vehicles. In its long history since 1871, Schwarzmüller has become the leading specialist for tailored transport solutions. The company supplies its products of the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands to the construction sector, infrastructure companies, the raw materials and recycling industries and long-haul transport services providers in 21 countries. 

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Roland Hartwig has been in charge of the Schwarzmüller Group since 2016. One of his priorities is the extension of the Group’s own workshops.
Schwarzmüller provides more than 100 vehicle types for the construction and infrastructure sector.
Hybrid segment tipper with SSC cover: Our segment tippers stand out for their high level of tipping and driving stability. They fulfil a wide range of requirements across many different industries and live up to the most extreme challenges.
Low loader with extra-wide load carrier: The Schwarzmüller low loaders are true all-rounders. They transport construction machinery weighing up to 60 tonnes as well as timber, containers and other bulky goods. The low loaders are highly flexible and live up to a wide range of different expectations.
Telescopic trailer for the transport of construction materials: The brandnew telescopic trailer with a 4.0 metre, extendable ladder frame and friction-controlled trailing axle opens up many possibilities for the safe transportation of construction materials.
TP 22 off-road tipper: The TP22 off-road tipper excels with reliable strength under heavy loads in off-road transport. Decades of commercial vehicle experience characterise its design and high-quality features.
Hüffermann multi-carrier: The Hüffermann multi-carrier is a combination of low loader and vehicle and is suitable for roller containers, pallets, lattice boxes, long material, timber, trees, brushwood, cars, trucks, transporters, forklifts, mini diggers, wheel loaders, diggers with rubber tyres and much more.
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