Special vehicles

  • Production of single vehicles and small series
  • Vehicles for special / logistics applications
  • Individual trailer design and configuration
  • Collaboration with renowned manufacturers and accessory suppliers
  • Processing of high-quality components
  • "Made in Germany"
  • OPTIONALS: Extensive and trusted accessories from the Hüffermann modular system



-    Tipper trailer with fixed superstructure

-    Trailer with wheel recesses

-    Ballast trailer

-    Roller semitrailer

-    One or multiple-chamber recycling trailer with loading crane



Total weight (techn./perm.): from 18 t – 35 t, depending on the vehicle


Higher or lower weight depending on the equipment and type.



Total lengths depending on the type design and drawbar selection.



Steel frame made of high-quality steels, designed according to the purpose



We only use axles from renowned manufacturers.

Air suspension chassis with disc brakes or drum brakes, including automatic lowering function


8-12 tyres 235/75R 17.5 (10 t axles)

8-12 tyres 265/70R 19.5 (10 t axles)

4-6 tyres 385/55R 22.5 (9 t axles)

4-6 tyres 385/65R 22.5 (9 t axles)

4-8 tyres 425/65R 22.5 (10 t axles)


Other tyre sizes upon request.


Optional: Spare wheel, aluminium wheels 19.5 / 22.5, tyre pressure monitoring and control systems, manual lifting/lowering function



-    WABCO brake system with ABS and ESC

-    Knorr brake system with ABS and RSP



-    Brake pad wear display

-    Rear area monitoring (Wabco)



Hella module lighting device with function lights with partially LED technology, including LED position light, LED outline marker lights at the rear and LED side marker lights, flashing.



-    LED work lights

-    2 additional LED reversing lights at the rear

-    Three round LED tail lights, instead of the module lights

-    Additional brake light on the centre panel

-    Various warning and surrounding lights

-    Independent "PS-Fix" parking light system



Paintwork in one RAL colour according to the customer's wishes (except metallic colours),


Automatic blasting:

Before the paintwork, the trailer chassis are blasted in the automatic blasting machine specially designed for our trailer types, based on 12 consistently strong, automated and ring-shaped blast wheel turbines. Thanks to the special Hüffermann blasting abrasive, this results in a more homogeneous blasting pattern. Within the scope of the control process, additional blasting is performed manually, depending on the chassis design.


Priming: Application of an epoxy resin-based primer without electrostatics. Also for long-term and resilient corrosion protection.


Top coat: The 2-component top coat with a high solid content is individually applied in the desired colour (RAL) with the electrostatic method. As a result, even the smallest cracks are covered with paint and the protection and look is preserved over the years.


Sealing: After the assembly and the final approval of the vehicle from Quality Assurance, the vehicle is preserved at material contact points and transitions.  Preservation is accomplished with Dinitrol cavity wax.


Standard version without paintwork on the side collision protection, silver rims. Axles with black CDP coating. Add-on parts are galvanised.


Optional: Arc galvanising

Zinc wire is melted by an arc, atomised with compressed air and applied onto the freshly blasted surface of the chassis (without add-on parts). Together with the subsequent paintwork, this achieves corrosion protection with similar properties as hot-dip galvanising. Another advantage is the low heat input. This ensures that the structure of high-strength steels is not modified and large areas do not tend to warp.

Electrical arc galvanising offers a clear advantage in terms of the duration of protection, hardness, bonding strength, abrasion resistance, stone chipping resistance and edge protection.



Rear marking

-    ECE sign

Optional: Waste, parking or ADR signs

-    Wheel chocks (2)


Optional storage areas:

-    Standard storage box 600 x 500 x 500 mm

-    Stainless steel storage box

-    Storage area for nets in different sizes

-    Pallet storage compartments



Turntable with sealed ball race and V-drawbar with 40 mm drawbar eye. Optional: Centre pillar drawbar or drawbar with adjustable length, different drawbar eye versions.


Central axis design

Welded central tube drawgear with an end plate and a corresponding hole pattern for a 50 mm heavy-duty drawbar eye in accordance with DIN 74053. The height of the drawbar eye can be repositioned by 2 x 60 mm.



High-quality load securing elements, fitting for each purpose.



Underride guard, galvanised, with vertical rubber buffer


Side collision protection consisting of two horizontal anodised aluminium profiles with fastening brackets that are rigidly mounted

Can be optionally swivelled up with gas pressure absorbers or with closed design


Plastic single wheel mudguard with spray guard



1 spare wheel holder

Hüffermann rubber apron



 Large-volume rear tipper trailer with turntable or central axle design, e.g. for shrub cuttings, scrap metal or rubble collection



For transporting equipment and construction machinery.



With semitrailer, turntable or central axle design, for transporting crane ballast



 For transporting particularly heavy roller containers



Semitrailer with loading crane with one- or multiple-chamber design for collecting raw materials from depot containers.


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