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The Schwarzmüller Group achieved sales of 409 million euros in 2021, compared to 366 million euros in 2020 (up 13 percent). The number of trailers produced has increased from 8,800 in 2020 to 9,966 (up 12 percent). “Despite the ongoing pandemic and volatile market conditions, we have managed to break through a barrier in terms of turnover,” said the delighted CEO Roland Hartwig when the figures were announced at the company's headquarters in Hanzing in Freinberg near Schärding (Upper Austria) today, Wednesday, 16 March. For the current year, Schwarzmüller has budgeted for a turnover of 460 million euros. However, this forecast is subject to the proviso that the geopolitical events in Ukraine cannot yet be evaluated. The supply of material and components as well as the price situation are still viewed as tense and subject to major fluctuations.

According to Hartwig, with these sales figures and after the minimal increase in sales in 2020, the first year of the pandemic, it was possible to return to a double-digit growth trajectory that the company has enjoyed for almost ten years. The development of incoming orders illustrates this even more clearly: In 2021, 13,555 orders were received, which was 68 percent more than in 2020 (8,053 incoming orders). The starting point for this boom was the investment backlog after the first year of the pandemic, says Hartwig. In addition, there was a trend in investments being made ahead of schedule, prompted by the incentives in place in some EU countries.


Defended international position in the growing market

With the market undergoing extreme growth, Schwarzmüller made gains in 2021 compared to the industry average. However, because losses were significantly down in the crisis year of 2020, the group is emerging from this difficult period even stronger. In the core region, which includes Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland, the company has defended its position as market leader, explained the CEO. With a market share of 32 percent, Austria is still in the lead, Hungary already stands at 30 percent, and the Czech Republic at 20 percent. The CEO was also very satisfied with the figures in the key markets of Germany and Poland. The neighbouring country has a market share of around 10 percent and reached 9 percent of approvals in 2021. In Poland, on the other hand, there was a jump from 2.6 percent before the pandemic to 4 percent in the previous year. The number of approvals increased from 580 to over 1,000 in three years.


New line for long-distance transport in high demand

The distribution of the vehicles manufactured in the Schwarzmüller Group’s product portfolio also highlighted the special position of 2021. Vehicles for construction and infrastructure remain at the top (5,797 units), but have decreased in sales when compared to 2020 (6,300 units, down 9 percent). Long-distance vehicles have been in much greater demand due to the boom in logistics and investment subsidies, but also due to a newly designed vehicle type. 4,169 units in 2021 compared to only 2,500 in the year before (up 68 percent). Hartwig went on to explain that the takeover of Hüffermann Transportsysteme in Brandenburg has, in any event, stabilised the planned surplus weight of the complex trailers for construction and infrastructure in the long term. The attainable prices and the stringent technical requirements in the segment are additional reasons for this strategic focus.


2022: A turnover of 460 million euros is budgeted

Based on the trend of the first quarter of 2022 so far, the group is on target, says Hartwig. Accordingly, a sales increase of 12 percent to 460 million euros is planned with a production of more than 12,000 vehicles. However, the CEO noted that the geopolitical situation in Ukraine had not yet been taken into account. The volatility in the availability of materials and components as well as in prices will certainly continue. The development of demand will play a decisive role in this. This is expected to be more stable for construction and infrastructure vehicles than for long-distance transport.


Potential of Customer Services is being explored

Customer Services at Schwarzmüller has been gripped by a new dynamism. “We want to increase the potential in After-Sales more systematically. This will strengthen customer proximity and improve customer loyalty,” said the CEO. Unlike its competition, Schwarzmüller operates its own network of service locations for maintenance, repairs and supplying spare parts. “It is becoming more expensive for many transport companies to manage their own workshops. There is a lack of trained staff, and the processes are becoming more complicated, for example with statutory inspections. We are the efficient and reliable alternative for this.” All in all, Schwarzmüller can play a major role in increasing the service life of vehicles. For example, telematics allows for the proactive maintenance of entire vehicle fleets. That's why Schwarzmüller equips all vehicles with this technology and lets its customers test it extensively and free of charge. At the end of the strategic phase in 2028, the Customer Services team aims to contribute 25 percent to sales. Their share is currently 20 percent.


About the Schwarzmüller Group
The Schwarzmüller Group is Europe’s most prominent niche supplier in the field of trailers and superstructures. The company manufactures over 150 types of vehicles and claims to ensure added value for its customers by using these vehicles. In its long history since 1871, Schwarzmüller has become the leading specialist for tailored transport solutions. The company supplies its products of the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands to the construction sector, infrastructure companies, the raw materials and recycling industries and long-haul transport services providers in 21 countries. 

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