The THW relies on Hüffermann: Delivery from current framework agreement begins

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Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH was delighted to sign a new framework agreement with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) last December. The agreement includes a larger quantity of multi carrier trailers, which have been specifically adapted to the requirements of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk – THW) The framework agreement comprises two variations of the trailer. The first and most comprehensive version has been designed for the transport of vehicles, general cargo, roll-off containers as well as two 10’ or one 20’ ISO containers. Thanks to the new swap body adapters, which are stowed in the storage box when not being used, the trailer can also accommodate BDF swap containers. They are manufactured at Schwarzmüller’s head production site in Freinberg.

The second version is produced in Neustadt (Dosse) in Brandenburg and is equipped with special equipment for transporting ISO containers or workshop containers and with brackets for Haacon support jacks. The hoisting winch systems enable the THW to move containers during their operations.

There are also variations with a modified rear end that are loadable from both sides, designed for the use of tail lift containers, for example. The Federal Police, as well as others, use the multi-carrier in this variation.


Delivery of the first vehicles to start in mid-2023

Starting in mid-2023, the first vehicles were delivered to the THW. The multi carrier vehicles provide state-of-the-art transport solutions for the THW and support operational personnel in their various tasks. The vehicles have successfully passed all necessary tests and inspections, meeting the high standards of the THW in terms of reliability, durability and functionality. The successful prototype approval of the first trailers took place at the end of June.


Long-standing cooperation between Hüffermann and the THW

The partnership between Hüffermann and the THW has already lasted more than a decade and has led to many successful projects. Hüffermann’s modular construction is specialised in meeting various requirements of container transport and, in particular, focuses on providing fast and reliable solutions for load securing. Based on trust, quality and a shared goal of continuously improving the safety and efficiency of the THW emergency personnel, Hüffermann and the THW have established a close partnership.


Interest from other organisations and individual configuration

The multi carrier is not only arousing the interest of the Technisches Hilfswerk, but also of other organisations. The versatile nature of the vehicle allows various police departments, aid organisations such as the German Red Cross (DRK) or the Malteser, as well as the fire brigade, to adapt it to their specific needs. Through individual configurations, the multi carrier can satisfy the requirements of different operational scenarios and provide optimal performance.

Hüffermann is proud to be part of this groundbreaking cooperation with the BMI and is looking forward to another successful partnership. The Schwarzmüller subsidiary is committed to leveraging its years of experience and expertise to meet the requirements of the THW optimally and provide the emergency personnel with state-of-the-art transport solutions. 


About Hüffermann Transport Systems
Hüffermann Transportsysteme is the European market leader in container transport trailers, primarily used in waste disposal and recycling operations. The Brandenburg-based company has developed a system to transport a broad range of containers using a single trailer, maximizing the versatility and efficiency of container transport. The vehicles are adapted to individual operational requirements and supported with an extensive range of customer services. 250 employees produce around 2,000 trailers and superstructures per year (as of 2021). Hüffermann is a brand of the Austrian Schwarzmüller Group.

About the Schwarzmüller Group
The Schwarzmüller Group is Europe’s most prominent niche supplier in the field of trailers and superstructures. The company manufactures over 150 types of vehicles and claims to ensure added value for its customers by using these vehicles. In its long history since 1871, Schwarzmüller has become the leading specialist for tailored transport solutions. The company supplies its products of the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands to the construction sector, infrastructure companies, the raw materials and recycling industries and long-haul transport services providers in 20 countries.


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The Hüffermann multi carrier offers outstanding versatility for the transport of wheeled vehicles, roll-off and skip containers, ISO containers and much more. Copyright: Schwarzmüller Gruppe
Production of the multi carrier takes place in Freinberg, Austria and Neustadt (Dosse), Brandenburg. Copyright: Schwarzmüller Group
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