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Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH belongs to the Austrian Schwarzmüller Group and will be showing four of its vehicles at the IFAT 2022, set to take place at the Messezentrum in Munich. Three trailers will represent the latest Hüfferman range for container transport. The vehicle range for the waste management and recycling industry is completed by the latest generation of walking-floor vehicles from the Schwarzmüller portfolio.  

Hüffermann, based in Neustadt (Dosse) in Brandenburg, specialises in container logistics. The crux: Every industry and region has different requirements when it comes to containers! Specialist manufacturer Hüffermann produces containers in a modular design in order to cope with the diverse demands for trailer models. “The chassis and modular systems are designed in such a way that different axle, tyre and length requirements may be implemented without excessive impact on construction”, says Managing Director Lennart Kluge. As a highly specialised systems supplier, Hüffermann has around 600 chassis models in its range. 

Next to variety, the focus also lies on longevity and sustainability.  With this customer promise, Hüffermann has become market leader in its segment in Germany and Europe. The trailers have even been adjusted to comply with different national standards. Hüffermann is also a specialist when it comes to securing cargo and has developed several patents in this field. The goal is to secure loads in a fast, reliable manner, ideally with automated or semi-automated solutions and in difficult conditions, for instance on construction sites.


The Hüffermann and Schwarzmüller trailers shown at the IFAT 2022 in detail:

1. The Hüffermann skid carrier with central axle configuration: Transport of swap bodies and roller containers in a single design

The new Hüffermann trailer closes a gap in transport logistics: It transports both swap bodies and containers in accordance with DIN 30722. The trailer may be adjusted to the individual transport task manually and quickly, using on-board tools. 
Hüffermann also offers ready-to-use articulated vehicles, i.e. trucks with hook trailers for DIN 30722 containers that are suitable for use with swap bodies.  This makes it possible to deliver swap bodies on the outward journey and take back DIN 30722 containers on the return journey. Mixed loads are also possible.  Thanks to a drawbar with adjustable length and the low structural height, the centre-axle trailer is suitable for all standard roller containers, 20-feet ISO containers and swap bodies. 

The volume carrier in detail
The centre-axle trailer may be fitted with 22.5“ single-wheel branded axles, disc breaks and air suspension for a high load capacity. For loading a roller container using the truck hook loader, the trailer comes with two folding jacks for safe positioning at the back and with two Jost winch-adjustable, pivot-foot supports at the front.  For swap bodies, the trailer is lowered using the air suspension and pushed underneath the swap body. The swap body is locked in place on the removable base frame support by height-adjustable Jost twistlock fastenings. 
Additional configuration packages, AirSave axles or autonomous parking lights for parked trailers are also available. The Park Safety Fix feature, PS-Fix for short, was developed together with Hella and has been part of the product portfolio for some time. It may be integrated in the trailer with the Hella LED lighting system and is easy to operate. As long as the trailer is coupled to the tractor vehicle, no PS-Fix functions are available. The PS-Fix becomes activated only once the trailer is decoupled from the power supply of the tractor vehicle. The lighting options for the stationary trailer may now be selected at the touch of a button. Standard settings are hazard lights and parking lights. All components are housed in a large, robust and lockable box measuring 30x22x20 cm. The largest component is the 24-volt battery that powers the autonomous lighting system for up to 48 hours. The battery is charged via the power supply of the tractor vehicle. Additional plug connections from the tractor vehicle to the trailer are not required. Attach the drawbar, connect to the power and pressurised air supply, and you’re done! Intelligent charge management with a charging current limit of 10 amps ensures a long battery life. Autonomous lighting increases the passive security of a parked trailer and is already standard in Scandinavia.


2. The Hüffermann Flex carrier  

The Flex carrier is a trailer for the transport of DIN 30722 roller containers with lengths from 5,500 to 7,000 mm and for the transport of up to two 10-cubic metre skip containers according to DIN 30720/30720-1. This is a weight-optimised trailer for flexible use, either behind a roll-off or a skip tipper vehicle. 
The trailer is based on the Hüffermann roll-carrier chassis and has a total weight of 18 to 24 tonnes. The functional design of the self-supporting longitudinal girder, the patented profiled shape of the continuous longitudinal girder lower belts and the low-wear rolling surface ensure smooth container transport. Easy positioning of roller containers thanks to ramps and insertion funnels.  Skip containers are placed on the corresponding bearing points, floor-side down. The Flex Carrier is produced with a standard lowering device,  with the drawbar being lowered in parallel to the floor without floor contact. 
This trailer also offers the patented Hüffermann load-securing elements. The roller container is secured by two sets of locking elements on the inside of the girders. Skips are secured with a combined system both in a longitudinal and latitudinal direction as well as with diagonal lashing using chain tensioners.  The “Multi-Fix” and the particularly time-saving “Safety-Fix” systems are optional add-ons for the transport of skip containers. 


3. The Hüffermann Mini Carrier: Adapts to any area of application

The Mini Carrier transports roller containers and is used behind a skip tipper vehicle. It is designed as a central-axle trailer and for total weights of 10 to 18 tonnes. The chassis is automatically welded and consist of two parallel, specially produced I-beams that are used as supports for skips and are reinforced by optimised crossbars. 
Skips are secured with a combined system both in a longitudinal and latitudinal direction as well as with diagonal lashing using chain tensioners. Anti-slide protection in the direction of travel is provided by means of plug-in wedges with a movable contact surface that adapts itself to the tilt of the container. The patented “Zentrier Fix” pyramid secures the skip laterally. It is lifted manually from the gimbal-mounted, eccentrically designed bearing, turned to the desired point of the 8-step centre gauge and pulled back into the locking mechanism by means of spring resistance. Optimised loading at the load centre is thus guaranteed even with varying container sizes and weights. The certified, chain-free load securing “Multi-Fix” or the time-saving “Safety-Fix” systems are available as optional add-ons. The latter secures the skip at the safety bearing and is a considerable time-saver. An extensive range of accessories is available for the trailer.
Thanks to the high level of flexibility of the varying components, the trailer may be optimised to fit its operating environment. Users may choose between two skip container sizes that may be loaded either from the front or the rear. The chassis may be fitted with axles from different manufacturers, either with single or dual wheels. Mini carriers are suitable for containers according to DIN 30720 (1x 10/12 m³) and may be fitted with special features, for instance for the transport of swap compactors or a closed floor. 


4. The Schwarzmüller walking-floor semitrailer with electric “Quick Top” roll-back cover

Even the standard model of Schwarzmüller semitrailers comes with an aluminium chassis to achieve a weight reduction of 150 kg compared to standard steel structures.  This makes it possible to weld up the chassis and the frame, creating additional stability. The trailer comes with the electric “Quick Top” roll-back cover, operated by the driver from the ground using remote control. This significantly reduces loading and unloading times and also means that drivers no longer have to do this strenuous and risky job themselves from the platform. The walking-floor semitrailer comes with the Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics SWIT. The package feeds location, load status or mileage directly into the SWIT online portal.


About Hüffermann Transport Systems
Hüffermann Transport Systems is the European market leader for trailers for container transport, used predominantly by the waste management and recycling industries.  The company based in Brandenburg has developed a system for transporting the widest possible range of containers with a single trailer. The vehicles are adapted to individual conditions of use and come with a great range of customer support services.  250 employees produce around 2,000 trailers and superstructures per year (as of 2021). Hüffermann is a brand of the Austrian Schwarzmüller Group.


About the Schwarzmüller Group
The Schwarzmüller Group is Europe’s most prominent niche supplier in the field of trailers and superstructures. The company manufactures over 150 types of vehicles and claims to ensure added value for its customers by using these vehicles. In its long history since 1871, Schwarzmüller has become the leading specialist for tailored transport solutions. The company supplies its products of the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands to the construction sector, infrastructure companies, the raw materials and recycling industries and long-haul transport services providers in 21 countries. 


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2-axle-central-axle-skid carrier for the transport of roll-off containers and swap bodies Copyright: Hüffermann
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Mini carrier for the transport of skip containers Copyright: Hüffermann
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