All New Schwarzmüller Series of Long Haul Transport Vehicles

Freinberg, 10 September 2020 | Media

Five types of vehicles in modular POWER LINE - New claim to fame: Less weight, more power - Focus on CO2 reduction and higher productivity

Schwarzmüller Group harnesses all new development for long haul transport. The RH 125 model is now out under the POWER LINE brand name. First vehicles will be delivered at the beginning of next year. Our vision is to give a lot more power to lightweight design to generate top-level productivity. “Our opinion as pioneering lightweight designers is: Low weight as such is not enough. We are wishing to set a new standard”, says CEO Roland Hartwig when announcing the market launch of the vehicle concept today, Thursday September 10.

POWER LINE comprises five types of vehicles: Cargo for general pallet shipping, Paper & Coil with their specially engineered details for transporting paper and steel, Mega providing a higher and more spacious cargo bay and the extra-long semitrailer whose loading platform has been extended by 1.3 metres. The five types come in 25 variants, all of whose assemblies from the frame to the platform belong to the same newly engineered modular system. They will allow us to provide end users will fully customised vehicles and, thus, enhanced productivity. “We are Europe’s most prominent niche supplier, which gives us a tighter grasp on our strengths than the standard vehicle market. We serve carriers who are expecting their vehicles to provide more performance far beyond standard capacities.”

New POWER LINE strengths

The striking feature that first catches your eye is the new long haul vehicles’ frame neck height that has been reduced from 150 mm to 125 mm to result in a higher and more spacious cargo bay. Next bonus: A greater stacker axle load increased from 5,460 to now 7,200 kilogrammes makes for a sturdier frame and shorter loading cycles. And POWER LINE is an all lightweight design of course: POWER LINE Cargo, for example, weighs about 800 kilogrammes less than a customary, standard design vehicle. One of the ways Schwarzmüller manages to save weight is by optimising the weld seams and the frame geometry.

The newly constructed platform yields further advantages, including a sandwiched lightweight front wall, more lashing holes in the outer frame, a new rear door lock with a plastic handle or improved handling by lifting straps on the tarpaulin rods, enhanced side impact protection and free-moving central pillars of higher stability. Add the service advancements owing to maintenance being made easier by using the same mudguards on all axles, bed plates of identical length and the same types of support jacks throughout.

CO2 reduction by lower fuel consumption

POWER LINE aims to provide more productivity by higher load capacities, simpler and faster handling and cost-effective maintenance. But a lower tare weight not only increases the cargo capacity. Even under full load, the vehicle will emit less exhaust fumes because a higher payload allows you to carry more on fewer trips. By consuming less fuel, light running vehicles also qualify for lower C02 emissions. “The new POWER LINE is yet another one of Schwarzmüller’s contributions to reducing the carbon footprint of cargo transport without compromising on productivity”, says Hartwig.

Newly launched line heralds the 2021 anniversary year

The new vehicle range heralds the company’s 150th anniversary next year. It was first established in Passau as a blacksmith’s shop and wagon-maker but soon started to manufacture vehicles back in the 19th century. Five generations of the owning family turned this beginning into Europe’s most multifaceted vehicle engineer.


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The Schwarzmüller group is one of the largest European suppliers for drawn commercial vehicles. The company sets the benchmark for the industry with its premium direction and is a specialist in individual transport solutions in demanding industries, with more than 140 years of experience. With vehicles from the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands, the company supplies the construction trade, infrastructure companies, raw materials and recyclable materials industry, and long haul transport companies.

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Schwarzmüller’s new POWER LINE sets a new standard for long haul vehicles guided by our motto: “Less weight – higher performance”.
The POWER LINE range comprises five types fanning out into 25 variants.
CEO Roland Hartwig has been directing the company since 2016.
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