3-axle sliding tarpaulin platform semitrailer with twin-level loading system

  • Twin-level loading system CTD III for 33 EURO pallets on 2nd level
  • Load securing certified according to DIN EN 12642 XL for twin-level loading
  • 6 load areas with a total of 22 aluminium load beams; load capacity: 400 kg per pallet
  • Low corrosion, high-quality aluminium body components, tested according to EN 12642 XL
  • Perforated external frame with approx. 100 mm hole spacing, 40/25 mm slot according to DIN EN 12640 and 23 pairs of recessed 2.5 t
  • Installation of axles from well-known manufacturers such as SAF or BPW
  • OPTIONAL: Manually operated hydraulic lifting roof, 400 mm elevation for rapid loading and unloading
  • OPTIONAL: Variable load securing via bolt-on lashing systems (airline lashing rail, perforated combination impact protection)



Internal body dimension: approx. 13,620/2,480 mm
Total width: 2,550 mm
Load space internal height: approx. 2,720 mm
Lateral loading height below guide rail: approx. 2,620 mm
Internal width between guide rails: approx. 2,430 mm
Portal loading height: approx. 2,620 mm
Portal loading width: approx. 2,480 mm
Loading height: approx. 125 mm over fifth-wheel height


Welded steel frame construction
Replaceable 2" kingpin, EC installation dimension,
23 pairs of recessed 2.5 t lashing points according to UVV


Air suspension with lifting and lowering device (approx. +120/-80 mm)
Automatic adjustment of driving level from 15 km/h

Air suspension unit with low-maintenance disc brake axles,
ø 430 mm, 3 x 9 t rigid, wheelbase 2 x 1,310 mm

Tyres :
6 x 385/65 R 22.5 160J, manufacturer as per factory specifications
6 steel wheel rims 11.75 x 22.5, 10-hole, 120 mm rim offset, silver ex-works

Spare wheel :
385/65 R 22.5 160J, manufacturer as per factory specifications
Steel wheel rim 11.75 x 22.5, 10-hole, 120 mm rim offset, silver ex-works


Mechan. 2 x 12 t support jacks, single-sided operation and thrust compensation


Brake system according to EC Directive 71/320 or ECE R13
Two-line brake
EBS - electronic brake system
Wabco 2S2M = one axle sensed
RSS - stability program
Spring-loaded parking brake on 2 axles
Steel air tank


Resin-coated plywood floor, 27 mm, flush with external frame
2 steel top-hat rails over the longitudinal beams
(floor load capacity 7 t, stacker axle load according to CSC)


Fixed aluminium hollow profile front wall, 2,400 mm, with 2 centre supports,
2 lashing rings for load securing, closed with tarpaulin at top
Front wall reinforced inside with galvanised steel plate,
approx. 650 mm high

Plastic sliding tarpaulins on both sides with load certification according to Code XL; welded horizontal and vertical strap reinforcements incl. direct turnbuckles (without strap) as well as front and rear bolt locks, openable on all 4 corners, with ratchet tensioner at rear,
tarpaulin manufacturer as per factory specifications, tarpaulin colour according to availability
Aramid-reinforced plastic roof tarpaulin, translucent
Without Carnet customs seal and without tarpaulin rope/brackets for load space closure

Bolted portal at rear with aluminium corner posts, upper crossbeam with
forward-sliding cover, incl. fully opening double door covering entire load space height, each leaf equipped with 2 internal espagnolettes.


2 fixed aluminium corner posts at front, bolted, protruding from sides
10 reinforced centre posts, movable across entire length
2 rows of aluminium pointed slats, 100/25 mm, incl. Jungfalk slat pockets and with special guide heads for twin-level system

Strap anchoring on front and rear corner posts, and strap cross-bracing on 2nd and 4th centre posts

Versus sliding cover with plastic brackets, forward-sliding with automatic elevation, limited backward movement (opened from above) = pushed together in loading area, without inclination, with vertical and horizontal guide rollers = smooth operation
Aluminium guide rail profile on both sides for sliding tarpaulins and posts,
design height 140 mm
Control rod for sliding tarpaulin (bracket on interior side protection)


Height-adjustable twin-level loading system CTD III =
6 load areas for 11 x 3 EURO pallets
400 kg/pallet load capacity,
22 aluminium load beams with retainers,
height-adjustable from approx. 780 to 1,870 mm from floor
2 locking beams on portal frame


24 V lighting system according to EC Directive 76/756/EWG
2 seven-chamber tail lights in underride protection
LED side marker lights
2 clearance lamps
2 contour lights on underride protection
2 x 7-pin and 1 x 15-pin socket


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted with 2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles
Plastic and hot-dip galvanised parts unpainted,
powder-coated attachments/installation parts black


Reflective contour marking strips across entire length of sides and all-round contour marking at rear (white on sides and red at rear by default), according to ECE 48


Rear markings as per ECE standards


Rear crash guard with corner post protection
Wheel chock(s) as per regulations
Single wheel plastic mudguards with spray protection as per regulations
Aluminium underride protection, coated white
Side impact protection made from aluminium profiles as per regulations, coated black
1 spare wheel bracket for 1 spare wheel (rear right)
1 plastic toolbox, lockable, unpainted, on left after axle

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