3-axle platform semitrailer for construction steel mats - transport

  • Torsionally rigid, welded ladder frame structure
  • Profiled, steel plate front wall
  • 6 pairs of pull-out retaining posts in lightweight tubular design, with 13 positions for load widths between 2,000 and 3,100 mm
  • - Rack positions for securing stacked construction steel mats, each with a length of 6,000 mm
  • Load securing certified according to VDI 2700 ff and DIN EN 12195 - for construction steel mat transports
  • 6 lashing winches with wire rope and stainless steel guide plates on external frame
  • Pull-out warning signs with illumination for wide loads up to 3,100 mm
  • Installation of axles from well-known manufacturers such as SAF or BPW
  • OPTIONAL: Rear pull-out frame, 1,500 mm (2 t load capacity)
  • OPTIONAL: Additional rack positions for stacked construction steel mats, each with a length of 5,000 mm
  • OPTIONAL: Aluminium hollow profile side walls, 800 mm high, foldable and removable



Platform length: approx. 13,500 mm
Platform width approx. 2,530 mm or max. 2,550 mm stainless steel guide plates
Loading height = approx. 230 mm over fifth-wheel height


Welded steel frame construction, reinforced for 25 t point load at centre of gravity across 3 m load length
Frame suitable for unladen fifth-wheel height of 1,130-1,220 mm with air-sprung STT
Replaceable 2" kingpin, suitable for 2-axle tractor,
rear slew radius on truck: max. 1,900 mm)

Reinforced external frame, 5 mm, lateral ø 30 mm drill holes – for lashing strap attachment
24 pairs of recessed 4 t lashing points, on both sides of external frame, evenly spaced

6 pairs of manually extendible racks for 80x80 mm tubular posts, adjustable for load widths between 2,000 and 3,100 mm (extendible to 3,500 mm for loading and unloading), lockable at intervals of approx. 50 mm.
Plus 6 pairs of lightweight tubular steel posts, 80x80 mm,
useful height 1,850 mm, with welded lower lashing eyes on both sides, hot-dip galvanised

3 x 3 pairs of racks on outside side members, mounted longitudinally,
for 80x80 mm tubular posts - for load securing at front and rear
when transporting 2 x approx. 6,000 mm construction steel mats

Additional 3 pairs of racks on both sides of external frame, for 80x80 mm tubular posts
Incl. 3 pairs of lightweight tubular steel posts, 80x80 mm, useful height approx. 1,850 mm high, with cable guide for strap anchoring at top, hot-dip galvanised

4 wire ropes and 8 ratchet lashing straps, approx. 3,000 mm long, as restraints for tubular steel posts

6 lashing winches with 8 mm wire rope, on left in direction of travel.
Plus 1 removable, slip-on gear mechanism for lashing winches

6 pairs of riveted stainless steel guide plates with stainless steel round bar welded to top, in area of rope tensioners and clamps


Air suspension with lifting and lowering device (approx. +120/-80 mm)
Automatic adjustment of driving level from 15 km/h

Air suspension unit with low-maintenance disc brake axles,
ø 430 mm, 3 x 9 t rigid, wheelbase 2 x 1,310 mm

Tyres :
6 x 385/65 R 22.5 160J, manufacturer as per factory specifications
6 steel wheel rims 11.75 x 22.5, 10-hole, 120 mm rim offset, silver ex-works


Mechan. 2 x 12 t support jacks, single-sided operation and thrust compensation


Two-line brake
EBS - electronic brake system (Wabco 2S2M)
RSS - stability program
Spring-loaded parking brake on 2 axles
Steel air tank


Spruce softwood floor, 35 mm, lengthwise with rebate
Secondary floor made from resin-coated birch plywood, 9 mm, flush with external frame


Fixed profiled steel plate front wall, 2,000 mm high, with tapered corners, approx. 200/200 mm, each with 1 eyelet at top for diagonal bracing

Retaining bracket for 18 tubular posts, 80x80 mm, length approx. 2,000 mm, for horizontal storage against front wall (reduces useable platform length)


Fully compliant with motor vehicle regulations - 24 V
2 seven-chamber tail lights in underride protection
Side marker lights
2 clearance lamps
2 contour lights
2 x 7-pin and 1 x 15-pin socket
1 revolving beacon incl. bracket, connecting cable and socket, mounted in underride protection


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted 2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles


Reflective contour marking strips across entire length of sides and all-round contour marking at rear (white on sides and red at rear by default), according to ECE 48


Rear markings as per ECE standards


Crash guard across rear
Wheel chock(s) as per regulations
Single wheel plastic mudguards with spray protection as per regulations
Aluminium underride protection, coated white
Side impact protection
Spare wheel bracket for 1 spare wheel
1 standard plastic toolbox

Pull-out warning signs, incl. position and marker lights for wide loads up to 3,100 mm, front warning signs transferable to platform - for
construction steel mat transports

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