Timber/stanchion body - without platform

  • Reinforced subframe for fixed rear-mounted crane
  • Extra-strong steel profile front wall at cab level with 2 centre supports
  • Rear view - fixed steel profile protective wall for crane at rear, approx. 400 mm high
  • ExTe trailer stanchions incl. 2-part ExTe stanchions 144 with bolt fastening (load capacity: 7 t/pair)
  • Steel stud plate cover between frame side members
  • Stanchions mounted via welded clamps
  • OPTIONAL: Autonordic heavy-duty band winch with 10 m belt incl. triangle and clamp
  • OPTIONAL: Steel pipe transverse support, tapered on both outer sides, mounted via clamp fastening
  • OPTIONAL: ExTe trailer stanchions with 2-part aluminium stanchions E9 with wedge/bolt fastening (load height: max. 3,000 mm, load capacity: 9 t/pair)
  • OPTIONAL: Mudguard easily removable with spring compressor, for simple snow chain application
  • OPTIONAL: Protective housing for fuel tank
  • OPTIONAL: Protective housing for battery box
  • OPTIONAL: Toolbox made from aluminium chequer plate, 3/5 mm, step-shaped to provide access to platform
  • OPTIONAL: Front/rear crane assembly



Frame length: approx. 6,500 mm
Total width: 2,550 mm

Loading height, body height etc. can only be checked and announced upon specification of the
exact truck data


Blasted with steel granulate, treated with zinc dust primer and spray painted
with 2-component acrylic paints for commercial vehicles (standard RAL or truck colour)

Stanchions in original orange signal colour
Plastic parts and powder-coated attachments in black, unpainted

Reflective contour marking strips across entire length of sides (continuing onto truck cab)
and all-round contour marking at rear
(white on sides and red at rear by default), according to ECE 48


Rear markings as per ECE standards


Bracket for wheel chock(s)
Shovel, pickaroon and brush brackets on front wall
Plastic mudguards with spray protection as per regulations (non-removable)
Steel profile panelling for diesel and oil tank, air tank and battery box = also acts as side impact protection
1 plastic toolbox, lockable, unpainted


Fixed steel front wall, approx. in cab height, with stable supports for loading pulpwood
Fixed steel crane barrier at rear, approx. 400 mm high


2 welded or clamped ExTe trailer stanchions 144-S
with 2-part stanchions incl. bolt fastening, load height: max. 2,800 mm,
load capacity of stanchions: max. 7 t per pair (minimal inward inclination of stanchions,
thus also suitable for timber transport)


Steel construction - continuous, reinforced side members with cross-bracing and tubular cross members
as well as lateral crane mounting plates for fixed rear crane up to max. 10 mt,
(no crane mounting or mounting accessories etc. provided on our part)
Subframe cover made from 3/5 mm steel stud plate

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