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Schwarzmüller vehicles are designed to cope with extreme challenges and they boast a superior service life to that of comparable vehicles. But even they can be affected by a breakdown. For this eventuality, we offer immediate assistance in the form of two different packages: the TOP emergency breakdown line and TOP breakdown assistance.


We guarantee an international breakdown line in the event of a breakdown, where you can seek advice of the next steps to take.

Emergency breakdown line:

  • 24/7 emergency breakdown line (incl. intervention and processing fees)
  • Clarification of breakdown assistance
  • Organisation of assistance services
  • The Top Basic package is free inside the warranty period (for 12 or 24 months, as the case may be)


In the event of a breakdown, we will set about finding the right solution for you after the breakdown call – that includes an initial legal consultancy.

Breakdown assistance in addition to emergency breakdown line:

  • Restoration of vehicle to working order
  • Legal24 for free legal advice
  • On-site spare tyre service
  • Spare tyres - included covering of fee and material costs

We will gladly inform you of our offering.

24/7 Europe-wide free
emergency breakdown line