The new low-loading truck is now even more versatile

Freinberg, 5 May 2021| Media

New underride protection leads to new loading ramps • Longer operating times thanks to a new flexible configuration • Can now also transport timber or containers in addition to vehicles

Schwarzmüller took the requirement to comply with a new EU regulation as an opportunity to completely rework their existing low-loading truck. Current orders are equipped with a new ramp along with the required underride protection. The premium manufacturer has lived up to its reputation for building the most flexible low-loading trucks in many other ways as well. “Our vision was to create a low-loading truck that can be constantly on the move because it is so versatile. We have laid the foundations for this over time with our wide range of products in this vehicle segment,” said CEO Roland Hartwig on Wednesday, 5 May, when presenting the new low-loading truck at the company headquarters in Freinberg near Schärding (Austria).

From September 2021, a new regulation will apply to the underride protection of commercial vehicles across the EU. They must be able to absorb twice as much force as before in order to protect lower vehicles against dangerous underriding in accidents even more effectively. This change in the legal framework was the starting point for optimising the low-loading vehicle in other areas as well. “We see the low-loader as a multi-functional vehicle that can be used to transport bulky, heavy goods. The increasing demand proves that we have taken the right approach,” CEO Hartwig explained the concept of the vehicle group. Schwarzmüller’s low-loading vehicles can transport heavy construction machines, laminated timber and steel girders, as well as containers and other special machines, with an impressive loading capacity of up to 60 tons. The versatility of the vehicle means that the operating times can now increase by up to 40 percent. That is why Schwarzmüller customers are given lots of advice about how to optimally configure their low-loading vehicle for the specific operational environment.

New ramp on the underride protection
The current design of the back of the truck has a characteristic Schwarzmüller look. The new ramp sits on the revised square profiled pipe which, as an underride protection, can absorb collision forces of up to 10 tons. It is constructed as a modular system and can be modified easily at a later stage. The ramp is light and narrow, the floor can be converted from hard to soft, rubber or grating, at any time. The loading area is fitted with Douglas fir wood as standard as it is more resilient than spruce. But this can be replaced with hard wood or rubber upon request.

A hydraulically lowerable low bed and load carriers that can be pulled out to the sides increase the versatility of the vehicle even further. There is also hydraulic support for operating the ramps. The standard configuration includes hot-dip galvanising, automatic folding jacks on the ramp and LED lights. Customers can also choose from a range of axle and steering systems. Pluck stakes for wood transport or twistlock locks for container transport can be added upon request. The vehicles are available in 2- to 5-axle versions and in drawbar, centre-axle and semi-trailer variants in order to increase the range of transport possibilities.  


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The Schwarzmüller Group is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of towed commercial vehicles. With its focus on the premium sector, the company sets industry benchmarks and with its 150 years of experience is the specialist for individual transport solutions in demanding industries. With vehicles from the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands, the company supplies the construction trade, infrastructure companies, raw materials and recycling industries, and long-distance transport companies.

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Low-loading vehicles from Schwarzmüller have a characteristic design at the rear. Alongside the underride protection, the ramps have also been redesigned.
Roland Hartwig has been CEO of the Schwarzmüller Group since 2016. He has significantly increased sales of vehicles to the construction industry and infrastructure companies.
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