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Freinberg, 28 January 2019| News

As one of only a few full-range suppliers of towed commercial vehicles for the construction industry, the Austrian Schwarzmüller Group will present five vehicles at bauma 2019 in April.

The premium supplier has a portfolio of more than 50 vehicle types for the construction industry. Tippers, low-loaders and walking-floor vehicles can all be configured with an extensive range of specifications or customised to meet individual requirements on request. “Our construction and production efforts ensure that our customers receive vehicles which guarantee added value. A vehicle from Schwarzmüller performs better under all operating conditions,” said CSO Michael Weigand at the bauma media dialogue in Munich today, Monday, 28 January. Weigand lists amongst their key properties intelligent features that enhance driver safety and ease of handling, as well as increasingly digital solutions. The vehicles are constructed in steel as well as in aluminium, with those made from aluminium often the lightest in their class.

Five Schwarzmüller Group vehicles will be presented in the outdoor area North on stand 825/2 at bauma from 8 to 14 April.
1. Thermally insulated vehicle
2. Steel segment body
3. Tipper body
4. Low-loader trailer
5. Tandem tipper

1. Thermally insulated vehicle with digital temperature control of the mixed materials

The importance of a thermally insulated vehicle in the “laying asphalt” process chain is widely known: the temperature profile of the mixed bituminous materials, the homogeneity of the mixed materials temperature, the continuous calculation of the core temperature of the mixed materials in real time using sensors or the docking behaviour. A variety of parameters influence the paving quality, and Schwarzmüller thermally insulated vehicles lead the way in all of them! As a pioneer in lightweight construction and heat insulation, Schwarzmüller has achieved thermal resistance (R value) of 1.80 m2 K/W, which exceeds the prescribed value of 1.65 m2 K/W by more than ten per cent. Other advantages offered by the thermally insulated vehicles include the avoidance of thermal bridges due to their special construction and the ability to control a variety of practical applications via smartphone. This includes, for example, comfortable operation of the electronic air suspension with lifting and lowering mechanism. The controls can also be used to raise the lift axle and to activate the paver brake, which also means simultaneously lifting by means of air suspension. That means tipping into the paver is safe. The electrical sliding covers can also be opened and closed via smartphone. The lightest Schwarzmüller thermally insulated vehicle weighs in at an empty weight of 4.7 t. The optimised payload reduces both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which in turn reduces transport costs and helps protect the environment.

2. Steel segment body: hydraulic rear axle

With its lightweight construction torsion-resistant steel frame, this is the “classic” body with an empty weight of 5.3 t and upwards, pairing extreme robustness with a comparatively low empty weight. Torsion boxes and tubes installed horizontally into the frame, together with the 4-point tipper cylinder, improve the tipping stability of the steel segment body by up to 6%, thus ensuring increased safety. Air suspension axles with disc brakes and an automatic lowering mechanism ensure greater stability during tipping, while the hydraulic SAF-TRACK rear axle increases off-road capabilities and supports the tractor unit on challenging ground surfaces. The electronic braking system, including stability programme, the forced lowering of the automatic lift axles, the starting aid for the first axle and the tipper body in high-quality Hardox steel are further reasons why the Schwarzmüller steel body is the first choice for transporting sand, excavated earth and crushed stone.

3. Tipper body: complete operation from the driver’s cab

Equipped with a 3-way tipper body, a 4-axle truck chassis is ideal on any construction site, whether transporting sand, gravel, excavated earth or crushed stone. In addition to a body weight of just 3.3 t in the lightest version, an internal width of 2.42 m suitable for loading pallets and a loading volume of 14.9 m3, the 3-way tipper has a hard chrome-plated tilt cylinder, as well as a continuous torsionresistant and weight-optimised subframe with a low body height which serves to lower the payload’s centre of gravity. On the tipper body with its patented hollow chamber, the left Bordmatik side wall can be hydraulically operated from the cab and folded out up to a maximum of 170 degrees. Together with the hinged rear wall with pneumatic lock, these are some of the outstanding features which enhance safety and handling. Five pairs of foldable 5 t lashing rings integrated into the floor, the electropneumatic aluminium trapezoidal underride protection which can be raised and the electric sliding covers with 30 mm arch height round off the extensive range of specifications.

4. Low-loader trailer: load carrier for overwidths

The most important criteria for low-loaders used to transport construction machinery are the lowest possible empty weight, a low loading height and a robust frame construction. These are precisely the features offered by the 4-axle lowloader trailer with excavator shovel recess and roller buttress, with an empty weight of 7.95 t and above, a loading height on the low bed of approx. 0.87 m and a driveon and offset frame section over the bogie. This allows for the trouble-free transport of tall and overwidth machinery. The engineers at Schwarzmüller have also come up with a few extras for this low-loader: with its flat ramp angle of just eight degrees, the hydraulic double ramp with added lateral movement makes loading and unloading easier. With air suspension including lifting and lowering mechanism, as well as many lashing options, the chassis ensures optimum load tie-down. Schwarzmüller is also setting the standards in corrosion protection: drawbar, bogie and loading ramp are all hot-dip galvanised as standard.

5. Tandem tipper: the ultimate lightweight on the market

Multifunctional, making it almost universally applicable: with its low empty weight starting at just 3.65 t, an internal width of 2.42 m suitable for loading pallets and a loading volume of around 11.6 m3, Schwarzmüller’s tandem 3-way tipper trailer, available in 1- or 3-axle versions, is ideal for transporting bulk materials or pallets. And with a tipper box constructed entirely from aluminium, it is the lightest trailer on the market. Easy to manoeuvre yet at the same time with a robust construction, the flexible tandem tipper trailer offers maximum capacity utilisation, in turn increasing productivity and profitability. Its key features include the tipper body’s patented hollow chamber construction, a threaded and therefore height-adjustable drawbar eye, the swing and folding side walls with spring lifting aids and central locking, as well as the swing rear wall with pneumatic locking. The offset drawbar also permits tilting while the trailer is coupled.


For further information:

Mag. Michael Prock, Prock und Prock Marktkommunikation GmbH, Press Officer
Rochusgasse 4, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich
E-Mail: mp@prock-prock.at, Tel.: +43.662.821155.0

The Schwarzmüller Group is one of Europe's largest full-service providers for utility commercial vehicles and currently has locations in 21 countries, predominantly in Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. As a leader in technology and innovation, the company sets industry benchmarks, and with more than 140 years of experience, it is the leading specialist for individual transport solutions. The most important industries for Schwarzmüller utility vehicles are long-distance transport, construction, petroleum, food and lumber. Schwarzmüller manufactures around 8,900 utility vehicles per year, employs around 2,290 people and generated 350 million euros in revenue last year (2017). Alongside the production locations in Austria (Hanzing), the Czech Republic (Zebrak) and Hungary (Budapest), the company offers a Europe-wide network of 350 service points.

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Demand for high-quality construction vehicles such as this Schwarzmüller aluminium segment body is strong.
Thermally insulated vehicle: Offering temperature measurements in real time, optimised docking behaviour and digital operation via smartphone, Schwarzmüller is the leading manufacturer of thermally insulated vehicles.
Steel segment body: The steel segment body now has 6% greater tipping stability and a powered rear axle.
Tipper body: Equipped with a range of special features, the driver can operate nearly all tipper body functions via smartphone from the comfort of the cab.
Low-loader trailer: Schwarzmüller low-loaders allow even overwidth construction machinery to be easily transported.
Tandem tipper: The lightest tipper on the market is manufactured by Schwarzmüller.
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