All vehicles supplied with on-board telematics

Freinberg, 25 November 2020 | Media

From next year, all Schwarzmüller vehicles will be equipped with on-board telematics before delivery. The hardware can be unlocked at any time to make use of a set of different data packages to accommodate any application environment. But there is no real Schwarzmüller system without customisation options. “We are the first manufacturer to roll out the benefits of telematics to every customer irrespective of what type of vehicle they use. Telematics will support our customers with making their vehicles even more profitable”, CEO Roland Hartwig says today, Wednesday, November 25, at the company’s Hanzing site in Freinberg (Upper Austria).

Schwarzmüller Intelligent Telematics (SMIT) is based on a hardware box equipped with a SIM card. The unit transfers vehicle data to the telematics system and makes it available to customers practically in real time. Sensors inside the vehicle collect trailer-specific data. Schwarzmüller will provide all users with access to a SMIT portal detailing the current status of their entire interlinked fleet.

At first, Schwarzmüller will supply three data packages for long haul transport, construction & infrastructure and safety/security. Each package collects the set of data significant to the current use of the vehicle. This, long haul transport much depends on positioning but also on knowing the cargo they are carrying. Alarm functions in the trailer inform the safety/security package of valuable cargo that may be leaving the set route, for example. Heavy equipment such as tipper trucks can be equipped with sensors for documenting loading and unloading cycles. Regardless of type, all vehicles need to monitor the brakes and tyres for early wear information. All of these will help to avoid imminent hazards or breakdowns causing unnecessary consequential costs.

Three months of comprehensive testing

Schwarzmüller will promote market introduction by making SMIT available for free for three months. “We want our customers to have enough time to comprehensively test the system. As a comparatively new trailer fixture, the system will have to find its way into the market first. Its benefits need no further argument, though,” says CEO Hartwig. Tyre monitoring, for example, could help to eliminate the number 1 cause of breakdowns in long haul traffic. Preventive maintenance of brake systems is an appropriate means of avoiding costs and reducing risks. Hartwig also spots future chances of optimising vehicle fleet deployment: “The importance of up-to-date datasets increases with the flexibility of scheduling trailer use. The benefits of alarm functions or preventive maintenance cannot be harvested without digital applications.“ Hartwig therefore anticipates the new system to penetrate the market rapidly because the increase in efficiency is a real incentive for carriers.

SMIT is a joint development effort of Schwarzmüller and telematics provider IDEM. The system features a standardised interface for integrating third-party systems and providing compelling fleet data at any time. IDEM processes the vehicle data and outputs it to the user interface involved. A history function allows single vehicle details to be analysed and evaluated.


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The Schwarzmüller group is one of the largest European suppliers for drawn commercial vehicles. The company sets the benchmark for the industry with its premium direction and is a specialist in individual transport solutions in demanding industries, with more than 140 years of experience. With vehicles from the Schwarzmüller and Hüffermann brands, the company supplies the construction trade, infrastructure companies, raw materials and recyclable materials industry, and long haul transport companies.

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You will find Schwarzmüller’s Intelligent Telematics in heavy machinery also. Plus the fact that the range of sensors can be tailored to every customer’s needs.
CEO Roland Hartwig expects SMIT to be accepted soon because its benefits are obvious.
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