29 POWER LINERS are heading to Poland

Freinberg, 12 April 2021| Media

Major order from the most important promising market • Higher performance level wins over large logistics provider • New management and expanded sales department

The introduction of the new Schwarzmüller vehicles for long-haul transport is proceeding well in Poland, the third-largest trailer market in Europe. The first major order came from one of the country’s major logistics companies. KOIMEX has ordered 29 vehicles. Schwarzmüller CEO Roland Hartwig revealed this information today, Monday 12 April, at the company’s headquarters in Freinberg in Schärding (Austria).

KOIMEX is a young company, which was founded in 2000 in Swiebodzin, and which is becoming increasingly specialised in logistics. Business areas are supply chains for foodstuffs or hazardous goods. The company is also used by the automotive industry and the mechanical engineering industry. Today, it operates 290 of its own articulated lorries, and has another 200 under contract. KOIMEX has around 500 employees. “We’ve been using Schwarzmüller vehicles for a long time because they meet our quality requirements. The new POWER LINE range also won us over,” said managing director Jawusz Kowalczyk.

KOIMEX has ordered a total of 29 platform semitrailers for two types of vehicle: 11 POWER LINE Mega and 18 POWER LINE Cargo. With its larger interior, the Mega semitrailer is optimised for use in the automotive industry. The Cargo vehicle, on the other hand, is something of an all-rounder in the vehicle family. “Both types follow the guiding principle of POWER LINE, namely to weigh less and have more power. A lightweight design alone is not enough for our quality requirements,” said CEO Hartwig.

Niche products for greater productivity
The POWER LINE range sets itself apart from standard vehicles in multiple ways. The frame neck is reduced from 150 to 125 millimetres, increasing the interior height and capacity. The forklift axle load is around 1,700 kilograms greater, meaning the loading time with larger forklifts can be reduced. The lightweight construction saves up to 800 kilograms in unladen weight in comparison to a vehicle with a standard design. The higher vehicle load capacity per journey not only leads to greater profitability; the reduction in journeys also results in reduced CO2 emissions. “KOIMEX was won over by these performance benefits and deliberately went for the new concept,” said Hartwig.

Poland: New growth story planned.
This success in Poland is very important for Schwarzmüller. That’s because the country is one of the current focus markets in which the company wants to significantly increase sales. The Austrian premium manufacturer currently holds a five percent share of the market. The target is to double this in a few years, as was recently achieved in Germany. “Poland is a highly-developed market. There’s also an increasing demand for our niche products with greater productivity here. As the largest niche supplier in Europe, this an optimal environment for us,” explained Hartwig. Back in the autumn, Dobrzynska Bluj was appointed to the management team in Blonie in Warsaw, and the sales team was expanded. Through the systematic development of an authorized service network, Schwarzmüller can also ensure maintenance, repair and spare parts supply.


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The Polish logistics company KOIMEX has ordered 29 vehicles from the new POWER LINE range. The company was won over by the “Less weight. More power.” concept.
Roland Hartwig has managed the company since 2016 and is promoting the growth in Poland.
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