Our branch office in Bohumín

Our branch in Bohumín specialises in maintenance and repair work, vehicle rentals and spare part sales.

  • Standard and large trailer technology repairs (brand-independent)
  • Service investigations
  • Brake adjustments for trailer technology
  • Replacement of brake pads, discs and drums
  • Preparation for technical vehicle inspections
  • Straightening work on trailers, towing vehicles, bodies, dump trailers, etc. from all brands
  • Polishing of steel structures and parts, painting in special paint boxes with the latest technology
  • Repairs after accidents - handling of the insured accident, waiving the emergency involvement of a liquidator
  • Periodic pressure and leak testing of containers
  • Spare part sales (own parts, bought-in parts, accessories)
Job offers at the Bohumín location

We are always on the lookout for employees who want to develop new solutions together with us and our customers and who share our high quality standards.

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Schwarzmüller s.r.o.
Ostravská 204
73581 Bohumín
Czech Republic

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

6.30 - 14.45

Saturday - Sunday


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